12 MAR 2015


Traditional Chinese: 陽明山

Pinyin: Yáng míng shān

Yangmingshan National Park is home to Taiwan’s tallest dormant volcano. The volcano has not erupted since 6000 years ago. Yangmingshan is a great place to enjoy a short hike, cherry blossoms in spring and hot springs. There are many hot spring resorts situated around this area and Beitou, which is not too far away. Do your research before deciding on which resort will suit your needs best.

We came here by engaging in a local tour company however I am not too satisfied with the quality of the hot spring the tour company brought us. Hence, I shall not recommend that tour company to my readers. Other alternatives are either to take MRT to Beitou then hire a taxi once you come out from the MRT station or you could also hire a taxi all the way from Taipei.

In case you are looking for a good driver from Taipei, below is a useful contact. We’ve engaged in her services to Yehliu Geopark, Jinguashi, Jiufen and Shifen routes. We’re happy with the services she provided. A very attentive and considerate driver plus reasonably priced services. She even prepared mineral water for us in the taxi. The only downside is she can’t converse in English very well. She does however have tour packages printed in English readily available in her car. You can just point out to her what you need. Remember to have the address of the resort that you’ve pre-booked for hot spring printed out in traditional Chinese. Have a pleasant trip! 🙂


Driver’s Name: Maggie

Whatsapp: maggie1359

Number: 0933715173




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