17 MAR 2015

Traditional Chinese: 太魯閣

Pinyin: Tài lǔ gé

Ideally, it is better to spend a night at Taroko Gorge to enjoy natural wonders at its fullest. However, it is totally possible to do a day trip if you have fourteen hours to spare. We started our journey at 07:00 and bought a return ticket to Taipei at 18:00.

The train ride from Taipei Main Station to Xincheng (Taroko) took 3 hours. Although most tourists visiting Taroko Gorge tend to alight at Hualien station, Taroko Gorge is actually much closer to Xincheng station. Journey from Xincheng station to Taroko Gorge was approximately 30 minutes by bus or taxi. A single journey of TRA train ticket to Xincheng station costs NTD371. Whole day pass for shuttle bus from Xincheng station to Taroko Gorge and vice-versa is NTD250. Shuttle schedule can be easily downloaded online. Hiring a taxi will cost NTD3000 for five hours.

In this trip, we managed to complete the Shakadang trail, Swallow Grotto and Huliu trail. The Shakadang trail is a scenic trail about 4.4 km both ways. Swallow Grotto is a 1.4 km one way trail. Visitors need to wear safety helmet while trekking at the Swallow Grotto trail. Lastly, Huliu trail is a 2 km long forest trail. Regretfully, the most scenic of all trails, the famous Jiuqudong trail was closed for renovation and estimated to reopen for public entrance in September of 2015. Another time hopefully…


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