Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve. One of the many choices of trails to begin hiking.

My apologies for not updating my blog in a while. That is because I have a really good reason for it. I’ve been training really hard (my butt hurts) to condition my body for the Annapurna Base Camp trek in May 2016. YES!!! I’ll be travelling to NEPAL this year so I’m extremely excited! For 3 times a week, I did an hour of cardio workouts then went on hiking trips during the weekends to train for endurance. I don’t even remember being this hardworking for my black belt examination years ago. Age must be catching up with me 😉

Pure bliss

Super lucky that my backyard is located really close to a lush green forest with crystal clear waterfall spots. A hidden gem and nature’s pharmacy at its best. This forest trail is supposed to end somewhere around Universiti Putra Malaysia. It took around 3 hours for a two way hike.

Overtime, I’ve learnt to really enjoy hiking as it allowed my body to get in touch with mother nature. Besides being a healthy and cost effective form of entertainment, it does wonders to calm those nerves caused by everyday stress. I became a much happier person as a direct result of that. If only we spend more energy on positive thoughts, then, we all have the potential to accomplish wonderful things in life. We are so blessed with unlimited life choices. The possibilities are truly endless.

I was totally unprepared during my first hike so I ended up being dehydrated and frustrated for getting lost. However, life is filled with many unexpected surprises. It was during these hiking trips that I met many kind samaritans who renewed my faith towards humanity. Challenges made us discover many things about ourselves that were otherwise neglected. Life is beautiful, indeed!

Root of trees creating natural steps
The many beautiful shapes of our great mother nature
Water… the building blocks of life…
The water is so pure that even fresh water prawn can be found here.
Fresh water prawn foot spa
Crystal clear water
Taking a refreshing dip on a humid morning
Turtle incentive towards the end of the hike or occasionally a monkey or two 😉


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