Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 to all (^.^)V This is an important date in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is a public holiday for people living in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Traditionally, this festival celebrates the end of autumn harvest by organizing gatherings among family members and friends, gazing at the full moon, eating moon cakes and lighting the lanterns.

Below are some funny Chinese slang words used mainly in Taiwan. Enjoy!


  1. 背後靈(Pinyin – Bèi hòu líng)

    – Spirit that lingers behind your back like the Thai horror movie “Shutter”. This phrase refers to a clingy person who has separation anxiety issue. For example, if a person calls the partner every 10 minutes, follows him or her around closely or even works in the same company as the spouse. Is that company the only place to work in the entire city? Kindly give others some personal space.


  2. 正妹 (Pinyin – Zhèng mèi)

    – Proper woman means beautiful or sexy woman.



  3. 傻眼 (Pinyin – Shǎ yǎn)

    – Silly eyes is an expression used to indicate a dumbstruck scenario.


  4. 罵三字經 (Pinyin – Mà sān zì jīng)

    – Scolding in Three Character Classics. Traditionally, it is a long poem formed by three Chinese characters to teach children about good conducts. However, in Taiwan, it also meant scolding someone with profanity.


  5. 吃窩邊草 (Pinyin – Chī wō biān cǎo)

    – To eat grass on the edge refers to straying. Someone who also had intimate relationships with close circle of friends belonging to the supposed love interest. The epitome of friends with benefits.



  6.  白目(Pinyin – Bái mù)

    – White of the eye means eye-rolling when dealing with an annoying person. This phrase also refers to an idiot.


  7. 發電機 (Pinyin – Fā diàn jī)

    – Power generator. To refer to a person who flirts easily.


  8. 老幺 (Pinyin – Lǎo yāo)

    – Directly translates into old small. Phonetically, it sounds like old monster. It is used to refer to the youngest member in the family. May the force be with you, my young padawans!


  9. 把妹 (Pinyin – Bǎ mèi)

    – To pull a girl means to pick up a girl.


  10. 拍馬屁 (Pinyin – Pái mǎ pì)

    – To align horse farts means over flattering a person usually in hope to gain favors.



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