Water is the source of life. Up to 60% of the adult body weight is contributed by water. It is a fact that needs no further explanation. Knowing this, yet some crazy people in this world can be foolish enough to cause so much damage to others. While obsession with the body image may be a problem in developed countries, clean water is a huge problem in many third world countries. However, the root of the problem are the same; laziness and greed.

Big corporations, medias and other influencer of the public perceptions in developed countries have a control in the way information is presented to the society at large. They created this idealized images of the perfect lifestyle that one could achieve if only one possessed the so called stick thin model like body type. The public on the other hand get suckered into the whole idea that there is a “miracle pill”, “special diet” or even “surgical procedure” out there that could cure their problem instantly. People forget that real women have curves and not necessarily in the right areas too. Obesity is not a problem unless it affects the cardiovascular system, causes hormonal imbalance or limit our physical mobility.

To achieve toned and defined body shape takes time, effort and money. Every year, countless millions of dollars flow into the beauty or fitness industry. Imagine the miracles these money and even wasted emotions could do if only they were channeled into the proper avenue. To love thyself is to eat in moderation, to exercise regularly and to cultivate a positive attitude. No other shortcut as I know of existed yet.

As I am penning down this article, I am still in shock that one of the major river in the town I am currently living is polluted. That being said, the water supply had already been cut for several days so that officials could trace the source of the contaminants and hopefully minimize the damage done. Sometimes, I wondered what those twerps were thinking? The twerps I was referring to were rich industrialists or even conglomerates. Did they think they can poison everyone to get ahead in life and then get away with it?

There is no easy way around this issue. People need to develop more conscience in order to get their acts together. River pollution is no small matter. The damage done could be more severe and extensive than you and I could ever imagine. It affects people from the very core of the nervous system right down to the genetic level for many generations. For example, people exposed to mercury poisoning  can behave erratically before it eventually lead to their death. In the famous Erin Brokovich environmental case, people exposed to hexavalent chromium died unnecessarily from cancer.

The future looks bleak and depressing. I’m unsure what will happen tomorrow. But for sure, I know that I live in an absurd crazy world today!


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