Travelling is probably a great way to meet one’s significant other half-way across the globe. Vacation brings out joyfulness  in a person and hence one is more receptive towards an adventure. Men are indeed from Mars so they are different from women. Studies had shown that the genetic similarities between men and chimpanzees compared to that between men and women are about the same at approximately 98.77%. It means that from the perspectives of men, women are really not that much different from chimpanzees, genetically speaking.

Despite not having had a complicated relationship with men nor do I harbor any unrealistic expectations towards them, there are men that even a Chinese woman like myself systematically avoided like a plague.

  • THE RACIST – Racist men like Donald Trump should be avoided at all cost. If war does not happen in the home front, you can almost be guaranteed that he will instigate a World War Three any time soon. And yes, Donald Trump is of German ancestry although he looks more like an Eastern European with bad hair.
  • THE ONLY SON – Before China implemented a two child policy, the “Little Emperor Syndrome” is a huge problem to Chinese women. One child policy resulted in significant inequality towards women hence Chinese mother-in-laws were a nightmare even to Chinese women. There is a surplus of Chinese men so thank you so much for helping us pick up the leftovers. At least these leftovers can have a healthy sex life.
  • THE MOMMY’S BOY – It is no longer the Italian phenomenon. The definition of mommy’s boy is more widespread than you can ever imagine. From men who are dependent on family inheritance for living expenses, holiday expenses, housing down payment and even wedding reception down to men who won’t stand up for you as they relied heavily on their moms for house chores. Sometimes, I wonder whether these men are looking for friends with benefits, maid or both?
  • THE INDECISIVE – No future plans, lacking in ambition, still unemployed by age 30, job hopping too frequently and living from one pay cheque to another.
  • THE SUBSTANCE ABUSER – Don’t even think that you can make him change. A man who steals to satisfy his addiction problem or even beats the spouse under the influence of alcohol will NEVER change.
  • THE GAMBLER – Be prepared to pay gambling debt on his behalf.
  • THE PROMISCUOUS – There are venereal diseases that even condom can’t prevent. Condom by the way is a Polish-Jew invention. For example, Hepatitis A, B, C and E can be transmitted via exchanged of bodily fluid including kissing but only vaccines for Hepatitis A and B are available. Also, herpes can transmit via kissing and similarly no known vaccine is available yet. Genital herpes can cause infertility. Fetus infected by genital herpes have a higher chances of being born blind. Suspicious women should never hesitate from being very upfront about requesting medical report from their spouse. There are many more dignified way to die than from venereal diseases.
  • YELLOW FEVER FETISH – Strictly avoided as we are unsure whether we are liked purely based on race or the whole package factor. No one in their right mind enjoys being treated like a goose that lays the golden egg or in our case Peking duck that lays duck eggs.


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