Have you ever watched the movie entitled “The Sleeping Dictionary” starring Jessica Alba and Hugh Dancy? It was a movie set during the British-Malaya colonization period. Apparently, it was very common for British officials to sleep with Iban women in the past so that they could master the local language quicker and hence able to control govern the local population more effectively.

As I am a Chinese woman born and bred in Malaysia to immigrant parents, it’s difficult to escape from this negative stigmatization. People are inherently judgemental. Even more so when one is considered insignificant minority and poorly understood. Let me share with you my version of this cautionary tale. It was a tale of sweet revenge with a happy ending.

Several years ago, I met a Parisian born Polish lawyer. He was charming and a great conversationalist. Any woman would be swooned but unfortunately for him, he met his match. Unbeknownst to many, I am an extremely cautious person due to my upbringing and training in self-defense since I was thirteen years old.

Somehow it felt suspicious that somebody like him would actually try his luck on someone like me. Not that I was insecure with my looks or social status. I was able to run a background check on him thanks to my resourcefulness. True to my hunch, I found out that he had a long-term Japanese girlfriend living in Japan. I wished the story was as simple as that but it turned out to be so much more complicated than I had initially anticipated. He was also concurrently involved with another Vietnamese university student studying in France. Maybe he has a mistress in every country. No one knows.

Anyway, I was super lucky to have listened to my womanly instinct before embarking on a relationship with that Polish douchebag gentleman. The next thing I did was I stood him up during a date. I got him really excited to meet me and then I disappeared from his life forever. The end 😉

The only regret I had was that I did not whack him to bits. Kidding! Never smear your hand on such douchebag. They are neither worthwhile your attention, energy nor time.

To my dear readers… never ever end up serving as a desperate “sleeping dictionary” to some malicious foreigners. There are good and bad people in every nationality. Remember to always do a thorough background check before getting involve. If you are already married to one then too bad. I wish you the very best in life.

Malicious foreigner is someone who gets involve for the convenience of learning your local language fast so that they could create publicity out of mocking your culture or elderly parents who don’t even have access to the internet. If you ever divorce these malicious foreigner, be ensured that they will publish a book announcing to the whole world how badly they have been treated throughout the marriage. Either way, you are still on the losing end because you’re an Asian. Many people in this world will only have empathy for White people especially those with blond hair and blue eyes as these traits are rare thus highly treasured like a piece of fashion accessory.

Do comment, like or share if you have similar experience. I look forward to hear from you soon! 🙂


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