This post is travel related because one can’t travel if one is dead. Many citizens of the United States of America must have been still recovering from the aftermath of the Clinton versus Trump presidential election 2016. Nevertheless, we must all take a moment to reflect.

From the title of my selected blog name, one won’t doubt that I am indeed passionate about travelling. I will even go as far as travelling solo as a female traveler. This is not an easy task considering that I am an Asian, a female and live in a third world country. Even before the election, United States was never on my top priority list as I worried about the possibility of getting shot or never getting my visa approved. After the presidential election, I quit thinking altogether about ever stepping my foot in the country. Extreme measure but I don’t think I’ll be visiting the States for holidays anytime soon. At least not for the next coming 4 years.

While the date 9 Nov will always be a historic victory to Donald Trump and his cronies, 1000 synagogues and 7000 Jews businesses were burnt in Germany exactly on the same date some 78 years ago in 1938. As ironic as it sounded, that fateful night was known as the Kristallnacht or the night of the broken glasses. I can’t help but wonder whether Grandpa Trump is the new Hitler? The only difference is America will be waging war against Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and Women. After all, the Mexican peso fell to a recorded low right after the election.

It will be interesting to observe China’s reaction towards unfavorable trade agreements. Bear in mind that boycotting US made products won’t be too difficult a decision to execute. Nobody dies from not having a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Also, one can always switch to the Linux operating system if need be.

If previously the States had always been a dominant bully in the international scene perhaps it’s time to think about the unlimited creative possibilities of potentials when the African, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Latin-American continents joint forces. Never insist later that we fail to inform you beforehand when you’ve forced us to the point of no return. It could be a fascinating twist of fate.

When I was younger, I used to think that the United States was such a progressive country in terms of research, technology and mindset. I was taken aback from the resulting election outcome as it reflected the peoples’ sentiment. It was like a cruel game of take one step forward followed by two steps backwards. A disappointing back stab towards women’s hope of ever receiving equal pay for equal labor. For sure, no one in their right mind should ever condone a country that has very little regard for women. Female specimens from the rest of the world can finally feel redeemable for our lack of accomplishments.

God Bless America!


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