I’ve never been to the States and have no intention in doing so. I’d rather blow all my savings in South America. I’m diligently brushing up on Spanish too. Most Asians from South East Asia region are immune to Zika virus as this particular virus had been reported since the 1950s so that is the least of my concern.

Why are White Americans so screwed up?

  1. Living in denial – They think Blacks, Chinese, Hispanics, Muslims and Women are the reason for all their problems in life. The real reason behind their unemployment issue had nothing to do with others. It has everything to do with their White supremacist entitlement. A bunch of ungrateful idiots who had to vent their anger at defenseless people after being outsmarted. Blame your pig stupid brain for your own failures. Dishonorable Donald Trump got where he is by borrowing 14 million from his father, not paying contractors and by declaring bankruptcy. It is plain wrong to look at the speck of dust in the eyes of others while there is such a huge plank blocking your own. More convenient to blame others than to own up shortcomings.
  2. Screwed up social healthcare system – Citizens in many countries receive free social healthcare including developing country like Malaysia.
  3. Exorbitant higher education – Scandinavian countries even provide monthly stipend to students on top of affordable higher education fees. Rich people in America deliberately make higher education inaccessible to the general public so as to keep them ignorant and unable to climb up the social ladder.
  4. Migrant hypocrites – Just because newer wave of migrants arrive in undesirable different skin color, they forget about their own roots. Their grandparents or even great grandparents were once upon a time migrants too. Superficial son of bitches!
  5. “In God We Trust” were printed on banknotes – White Americans only trust God. Other people don’t matter as long as they remember to pay in cash. Can people who don’t even treat each other well be kind to colored people of other races?
  6. Easy access to firearms – The likelihood of getting killed in accidental firearm mishandlings are so much more higher than getting bombed by Muslim extremists. Stop being so paranoid. Do people enjoy taking lives randomly if you hadn’t messed up theirs in the first place? Stop being so nosy and mind your own God damn business.
  7. Suck at Math – Jealous of 1% of ultra rich Chinese billionaires. The 1% of ultra rich Chinese are at least 13.6 million people. That’s more than the population of Denmark, Norway and Iceland combined. What about the 99% of moderate, poor to extremely poor Chinese people? Improve on your Math skills before getting jealous of others blindly. I was asked to donate winter clothing to very rural parts of China despite living in a developing country with tropical climate. Please learn to have more empathy towards others.
  8. Highest Carbon footprints generators – Cattle farming generate the highest carbon footprints among the different types of farmed animals. Environmentally unfriendly assholes!
  9. Substance abuse – Many White people take prescription drugs like popping candies. Unscrupulous pharmaceuticals owned by White twerps can’t wait to poison you if given the opportunity.
  10. Christian Cults – Restrict the activities of Christian cults such as Ku Klux Klan and the Church of Mormon before dealing with other cults. These astray Christians create more harm in America than other form of cults.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to add on if there is any crucial point being left out. Have a pleasant week ahead!



  1. I can see where you are coming from. I don’t agree with all of it, but from a global perspective I can see how we white folk appear. I like the idea of God being on our currency…it was intended to be inclusive of all people who live “under God,” (at least I hope that’s how it was imagined) but being a country of diverse immigrants it may be taken the wrong way. Also, I will admit, I like hunting (with guns) but I’ve never taken a shot. Most gun owners are responsible people– but again I understand how it appears. I agree with you on cults as well. As always, I enjoy the open debate.


    1. I’m sorry that I sounded harsh. I still cannot believe that “he” is elected as the President of the US. Not that “she” is a much better choice. I live my entire life as a marginalized 3rd generation immigrant under the rule of a shameless dictator. One dictator after another. It is sad to see America turning its back on minorities. America is built on the strength of immigrants. It provided hope to people like me.

      I wish that Americans are kinder to one another. President Obama paid off his student loan at 42 years old. I am so grateful that education is affordable in my country so I was able to graduate debt free. If I am born in the US, I probably won’t be able to afford college. Also, there was a documentary on Americans who ran out of health insurance being abandoned on the streets. It’s awful! Many senior citizens in the US expect to be sent to old folks home.

      As a Chinese living in a Muslim country where it is illegal to own firearms, I can assure you it is so much safer here than in the US provided that one learns a self-defense or two. From statistics, more than 30 people died from gunshots in the US everyday. That is more than 30,000 people a year. Also, there are more serial killers in the US than any other places in the world combined.

      It is a taboo to link money with God. Due to the history of missionaries sent during Spanish and British colonization, White people are seen as using religion as a guise to pillage a country. As for Christian cults, I have personal experience being approached by cult members. I’ll be happy to share my experience in detail one day.

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