When I was younger, I thought that having it all such as getting a PhD, being awarded scholarships or doing the whole nine yard white picket fences stuff like the Joneses next door meant happiness. Boy, I was so wrong. Only much later on in life I realize that happiness meant being myself and doing something I’m truly passionate about. I was merely chasing after an impossible dream to gain my father’s attention. I thought that success required his seal of approval. How pathetic!

While descending from the Machhapuchhre Base Camp, I crossed path with an obnoxious Nepali guide who was furious at me for being a Malaysian. Life sucks being in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to Sartre, “Hell is other people.” How true indeed! As a woman I was unloved at home, discriminated in my country for being a Chinese and now scorned by a Nepali too. Some fantastic life I must have had. Care to clap hands? Due to corruption on multiple levels, Malaysia had become a dangerous place not only to foreign workers but locals alike. The Nepali guide didn’t even know that I had two near death experiences under my belt. To him, I’ll be like a poor little rich girl if I ever complain about my sad life.

In year 2015, Malaysia topped the foreign remittance chart in Nepal. We even beat the United States in this aspect. Incidents of foreign workers abuse were not something new in Malaysia. Kindly refer to the article in the link provided (Panasonic and Samsung Malaysia Scandal).

Many people didn’t realize that the whole foreign worker supply industry was way more sinister than what it seemed to be at face value. Abuse would not have been possible without the help of unscrupulous Nepali owned foreign recruitment agencies. These recruitment agencies devised a scheme to trap helpless Nepali workers into debt way before they even step foot in Malaysia.

To future Nepali foreign workers, please think twice before accepting job offers in another country. It is ridiculous having to pay so much money in advance to a foreign recruitment agency in order to gain employment in another country. Perhaps it is acceptable to pay for visa application and plane tickets but certainly not more than that. In fact, these foreign recruitment agencies were paid by Panasonic and Samsung groups to recruit your skills. No wonder foreign recruitment had always been such a lucrative trade. It has become a legalized form of human trafficking. They got paid twice but innocent people got blamed for no reason. Cheap electronics comes with a price. Food for thought!



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