Happy Women’s Day 2017! 🙂

A tribute to all women out there who are beautiful in every way from the inside out.

It is a public holiday for women only in the People’s Republic of China.

Maltose Candy Art in the shape of rooster, butterfly and lanterns


Who doesn’t love candy? Better still when candy and art are combined.

Without much variation in terms of flavors yet I was a kid in the candy store all over again. No pun intended!

It was a feast for the eyes!

For sure if I was a kid again my parents would’ve had more quality time to themselves as I could stare at the processes of maltose candy art making over and over again for many hours without distraction. It was that fascinating even to my current adult self.

Maltose Candy Art in the shape of a bicycle


There are not that many types of Chinese candies available. The most well known types are dragon beard candy, zao tang candy, rabbit brand milk candy, hawthorn flakes and maltose candy art.

The origins of candy making can be traced back to the Han Dynasty when natural disasters such as drought, flood and famine were often lurking around the corner. The ancient Chinese people invented candy making then as offerings to appease the deities as well as praying for a good agricultural harvest.

Maltose Candy Art in the shape of a tortoise. Tortoise the symbol of longevity.


I think maltose candy art is a good gift not only to girls but also to female teachers, female colleagues, female bosses, girlfriends, grandmothers, mothers and wives as appreciation for their creativity, hard work, multi-tasking abilities and at times unconditional sacrifices.

Maltose candy goes very well with dried sour plums. That’s my favorite way of eating maltose candy.

Have a wonderful day, ya all! 🙂


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