If you don’t already know, our reigning King recently married a 2015 Russian beauty queen. So yeah, our first Caucasian queen is from Russia. Her royal highness is only 24 years old. Not exceptionally young considering the average marriageable age in rural Russia is 18 years old. This is his royal highness’s second marriage as he was previously married to a Southern Thai royalty.

It was really surprising that the royal family accepted this marriage as previously only Muslims were allowed to become a Queen in Malaysia. Within the past few years I’ve noticed many Russians and people from the Baltic countries immigrating to Malaysia. Could this be an indicator of an impending war within the Baltic region and people are trying to escape or are they spies sent to Malaysia?

Back in the medieval period, countries form alliances through royal marriages and it was not uncommon then that some brides served as spies for their respective countries. Love and marriage as we know are two separate entities. Some people treat marriage as an institution to efficiently exchange resources.

There was a documentary on Russia regarding the revival of the orthodox church that encourages women to get married at 18 years old then have babies continuously every year until 40 years old. On average, a woman produces 20 babies in her fertile life span. An orthodox priest with eighteen children was awarded a medal of honor by the Russian government. All his expenses were sponsored by rich Russians. It was as if the country was producing more soldiers in preparation for war. Kind of disturbing!

The male population in Malaysia is higher than that of the female population and vice versa in Russia. Anyway, it’s never too late to study new specimens arriving in Malaysia. What do we need to know about Russians?

  1. Russians are good friends with China and the two countries are equally ambitious in expanding their empires.
  2. Russia is the sole biggest importer of base ball bats made in the United States – why would they need baseball bats unless the country is a mess and filled with criminally violent people? Interesting question to be answered with time.
  3. Russian people talk fast because it is really cold there and to avoid the possibility of being freeze to death.
  4. If you are in the modelling industry and you need to share a house with models from Russia, please beware that they have the tendency to taper with your alarm clock or mobile phone so that they could win a contract in your place. Yes, they are extremely competitive.
  5. Russian women have the tendency to dress provocatively to get a job.
  6. If you are a graduate student and got a scholarship to study in Russia or in the Baltic region, be prepared to be sabotaged by your course mates especially so if you have darker skin tone. My Indian friend was in the Science department and they purposely labeled all the chemicals in native language so that he could not use them in his work.
  7. Again, if your are interviewing for a postdoctoral position at the university and your graduate school supervisor happened to impregnate a girl from Russia or the Baltic region, you may kiss your job goodbye. There are incidences where supervisor in graduate school use their funding on their mistresses.

It’s true that this world is unfair!

Do not hesitate to share if you have more information on Russian or Baltic women.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Thank you for reading.





  1. As someone with Baltic roots, I am mostly intensely proud of all the stereotypes of my people, haha. It’s better than my Polish roots and those stereotypes… My favorite Polish joke is that the reason they don’t typically put ice in their drinks is because they lost the recipe for it. So the jokes are fun at least.

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